Wrong Way vs Right Way. 10 Mistakes when buying a house. Reliant Realty ERA Powered.

10 Mistakes People Make When Buying A House

10 MISTAKES PEOPLE MAKE WHEN BUYING A HOME 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A House 23-year-old Alex felt 100 feet tall when he was hired by the company he desperately wanted to work for. He had pushed himself hard at school and was finally seeing the fruits of his efforts. He was also in […]
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Couple with new home. Steps to buying a home in Middle Tennessee. Reliant Realty ERA Powered.

11 Steps to Buying a House: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a House in Tennessee

11 STEPS TO BUYING A HOUSE: THE HOME BUYER’S ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUYING A HOUSE IN TENNESSEE – Screw It. Let’s Do It! — Sir Richard Branson So, you want to buy a house in Middle Tennessee. Buying  a house is the major purchase most of us will ever make in our lives. It’s important […]
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Casey Brown, Reliant Realty ERA Powered, Young Leaders Network

Casey Brown, CEO, Reliant Realty ERA Powered, Recognized at ERA’s Young Leaders Network Event

CASEY BROWN, CEO of RELIANT REALTY ERA POWERED, RECOGNIZED AT EXCLUSIVE 2017 ERA® YOUNG LEADERS NETWORK PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EVENT Summer Summit Prepares Future Real Estate Leaders NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (August 22, 2017) — Casey Brown, CEO of Reliant Realty ERA Powered in Nashville, Tennessee, recently attended ERA Real Estate’s 2017 Young Leaders Network Summer Summit, the 6th […]
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Who are the best real estate agencies in TN. Reliant Realty ERA Powered.

Who are the Best Real Estate Agencies in Tennessee?

WHO ARE THE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENCIES IN TENNESSEE?TOP BROKERAGES REVIEWED & RATED – Real estate brokerages differ in their focus, experience, aptitudes, technology, and support. Deciding which agency to work with is a challenge. Real Estate Statistics Did you know that there are over 1,000 real estate firms and more than 16,000 agents serving […]
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Real estate agent licensed for TN. Reliant Realty ERA Powered

Do You Need to Verify a TN Real Estate Agent’s License?

IS YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT LICENSED IN TENNESSEE? MAKE SURE THE ANSWER IS ‘YES’ BEFORE CLOSING – Buying or selling real estate is serious business. Ensure your agent knows the TN market – work with a TN licensed agent. Who are you? I really want to know… Need to Find a Real Estate Agent’s License […]
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Teamwork: The cogs in the machine. Reliant Realty ERA Powered

#1 Secret All Successful Real Estate Agents Know? It Takes a Team

SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE AGENTS KNOW IT TAKES A TEAM – “Combined action to complete a task more effectively and efficiently” IT TAKES A TEAM “Teamwork.”  The combined action of multiple people to complete a task or tasks more effectively and efficiently than one single person could manage on their own.   Teamwork is a concept […]
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