Casey has launched and operated residential real estate firms, property management firms, mortgage brokerages and title companies across three states within the South East.

He entered the business as a sales associate in the late 1990’s and joined the management team shortly thereafter. Casey spearheaded the opening of offices in new markets for three years before venturing out on his own to start his first firm in 2001 and Reliant Realty in 2004

Rapidly evolving technology combined with emerging legislation and unparalleled market fluctuations has caused the industry to change more in the last decade than ever before. Growing firms during this remarkable period provided the experience and insight that guide our family of companies today.

Casey continually engages with his management team with an eye on the future and a goal of improving daily. With a firm belief that inclusion and collaboration are the keys to success, Casey draws from the many talents and perspectives within the Senior Management Team. He identifies all present, past and future successes as the direct result of Reliant’s remarkable men and women operating with a “team first” disposition that is the cornerstone to each endeavor.

Casey currently serves on ERA’s National Advisory Council and is a member of the Young Leaders Network.

In their downtime, Casey and his wife Beth enjoy experiencing new places and people which has taken them to more than 20 countries on every continent other than Antarctica.

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